Nearly a hundred Palestinians, Israelis, and international peace activists protested the impending construction of the Separation Wall in Al Khader, west of the city of Bethlehem, Friday in what has become a weekly nonviolent demonstration against the confiscation of Palestinian land for the Israeli wall.

Soldiers fired rubber bullets into the air and pushed protesters as they chanted and waved Palestinian flags in front of the bypass road that connects illegal Israeli settlements to Jerusalem. 

It was the first time since the weekly demonstration began that the protesters reached the settler road, slowing traffic. Israeli police joined the Israeli army in blocking the protesters. 

20 Israeli and 30 internationals joined the protest this week, almost double the number from the week before.  No injuries were reported.

Israel has ordered the confiscation of more than 20,000 dunums of prime agricultural land to build the wall. Demolition were handed out last month to 3 families and 30 street vendors in Al-Khader.