Representative of the Palestinian Community in India, Abu Salah, penned a letter containing the series of painful realities Palestinians face while fleeing from Iraq as a result of the massacres against them.

According to the letter, approximately 95 Palestinians have just escaped death and kidnapping, racism and persecution in Iraq to India, smuggled by the United Nations.

He pointed out that it takes some nine months after submitting the application for asylum to be granted, a period of time far too long, adding that the money they had enabled them to exit from Iraq more quickly.

Abu Salah said Monday, “The people who can not supply the funds, who are out of work, have no chance. We sold our gold jewelry just to manage our day to day affairs.”

“Schools and education for 37 children, and medical treatment for women, are provided to us by the United Nations”, Abu Salah stated, “There are also young men and minors with needs as well.”

He emphasized that life is very difficult, including the weather, food, and housing rent.

 “Where should we go? Are we to remain stray Palestinians throughout our lives and remain a symbol of the tent?”

Abu Salah also said; “I am not saying anything about any Arab country. If we found a better life in Arab lands we would stay. But unfortunately they are not ready to receive us, we will not go to any Arab country, we are here in India as a matter of life or death. We are ready to die in dignity rather than go back to the degradation and humiliation”

Hundreds of Palestinians were stranded at the Iraqi border with Jordan as the Jordanian government would not allow them into the country.

In the meantime, dozens of Palestinians were being killed in Iraq. Syria opened its borders to the refugees waiting in limbo at the border and has created a camp for those Palestinians who became refugees once again.