Updated Dec. 16 – 0640
Israeli army shooting of Palestinians apparently trying to enter Israel for work or to reach their land behind Israel’s separation barrier in the northern West Bank continued today, the third incident in one week, and resulted in the injury of two men, the Palestinian News and Info Agency (WAFA) quoted Palestinian medical sources.

Israeli soldiers manning a gate set up by the military at the apartheid barrier in the village of Nazlat Issa, north of the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem, shot Ahmad Hussam Kittaneh, 25, in the leg, and Dirar Rasem Kittaneh, 21, in the shoulder. Their injuries were described as moderate.

With these two injuries, the number of Palestinians shot and injured in one week at similar army-managed gates in the northern West Bank has reached eight in three different incidents.

WAFA reports said that the soldiers were given orders to shoot at any Palestinian attempting to breach the gates in the barrier set up since 2004 on Palestinian-owned land in the occupied West Bank.

Dec. 15 – 0106
Two Palestinian young men were wounded, on Saturday morning, near the apartheid wall between the northern occupied West Bank city of Tulkarem and the state of Israel, Quds News Network reported.

Israeli soldiers opened fire towards, Palestinian workers, and targeted them with tear-gas canisters, as they tried to reach their jobs inside of Israel.

At the time of reporting, an unknown number of Palestinians were arrested, while two brothers, identified as Ahmad Hussam Kittaneh and Dirar Rasem Kittaneh were injured.

Israeli forces carry out daily crackdown campaigns on Palestinian workers, who go to their jobs inside Israel, through holes in the apartheid wall, while Israeli soldiers open fire at them to prevent them from passing through.

Approximately 100,000 Palestinian workers work in Israel, while the occupation state prevents them from reaching their jobs inside the Green Line unless they have permission, which forces many to pass through holes in the apartheid wall.

The Israeli state controls the movement of nearly 3 million Palestinians in the West Bank and 2 million in Gaza, barring them from travelling for medical treatment, work, or any other reason, through Israeli-controlled checkpoints and border-crossings unless they have permission.

Photo: AFP
Edited for IMEMC: Ali Salam