In Montreal, a coordinated response to Israeli agression began last week and continues indefinitely. This is the message that was sent out by those involved.

Montreal-based organisations and individuals have come together to coordinate responses to calls for solidarity from our brothers and sisters in Lebanon and Gaza, currently living under a vicious military offensive by Israel which has killed hundreds and destroyed civilian
infrastructure, with devastating consequences.

While the Canadian government is, outrageously, supporting Israel’s war crimes, members of the Lebanese and Palestinian diaspora in Montreal and those who stand in solidarity with them have planned many actions.

A peaceful demonstration will take place on July 18. On July 19 at the US fireworks display, a solidarity chain and info-picket with images of the atrocities will be held. On Friday, July 21, the usual vigil will take place, as it has since February 2001, in front of the Israeli Consulate. Immediately after, a 24 hour vigil will be held at the same place. Saturday July 22 will be part of an International Day of Action  in solidarity with people in Lebanon and Gaza.

In addition, a relief effort fundraising apparatus has been set in place. As increasing numbers are displaced and wounded and civilian infrastructure is destroyed, there will be a huge need for well-directed funds to provide basic survival to people in Lebanon and Gaza. A crisis working group, Relief Center – Spears, has formed in Beirut to support refugees coming into the city:

As well, one or more call-in days will be organized to let the Canadian government know that many people are outraged by their support for Israeli war crimes. Fliers will be distributed at all events, urging people to call in to PM Stephan Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay.

On Monday,in Ottawa,the capital of Canada, hundreds of members of the Palestinian, Lebanese and Arab communities in Canada, along with Jewish and other activists, demonstrated in front of the Parliament Buildings. Demonstrators carried posters and banners condemning Israeli aggression. 

Student demonstrators protested statements made by the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper regarding "Israel’s right to defend itself". They demanded that Canada condemn Israeli attacks on Gaza and Lebanon.