According to officials sources from the Hebron Municipality, about 22,000 Palestinian citizens living in the villages just south of Hebron will face a water crisis in the upcoming weeks.

This alarming news comes as a result of the breakdown of the major pumping wells adjacent to Hebron, which serve as the main source of  water for the area.
A mayor of one of the nearby villages, Jamal Abu Aljdail, appealed to Hebron Municipality officials to find a solution to the acute problem of water shortage before it turns into a humanitarian crisis.

Abu Aljdail told PNN that the villages are less than a month away from suffering from a severe lack of access to water for all citizens. While the Hebron Municipality is considering buying water from nearby towns, officials fear that such a move will lead to higher prices to water. Higher prices, Aljdail states, are simply not an option for the village’s citizens, especially in light of the current situation of economic hardship.