American marines arrived at the Beirut shore to evacuate the remaining American citizens from Lebanon, while those Lebanese unable to evacuate are facing shortages in food and medicine, according to aid agencies.
The ‘evacuation mission’ being carried out by the U.S. marines is the first time U.S. marines have set foot in Lebanon since their own evacuation from Lebanon in 1984 after being targeted by a suicide attack that killed 241 marines.

Several other countries have also continued the evacuation of their citizens from Lebanon due to the Israeli aerial, Naval and ground attacks on Lebanon that have targeted mostly civilians.

Moreover, the Australian government accused Israel of delaying and disturbing the evacuation of Australian citizens from Lebanon by forcing a siege on the coastal borders and sea ports of Lebanon and not allowing a safe passage to ships rented by the Australian government for the evacuation of its citizens.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese Education Minister, Khaled Qabani, warned on Friday from extreme food shortage and a possibility for general starvation in Lebanon since 90% of food supplies are imported to the country.

Qabani added that due to the shelling, the residents are not able to receive the needed food and medical supplies.

Lebanese hospitals are overcrowded with wounded residents.  All nurses and physicians have been asked to remain at the hospitals and medical centers for 24 hours a day to face the triage of incoming patients.  Some volunteers from Arab and Foreign countries are also aiding in the rescue efforts, but Lebanese officials have criticized the lack of support from the Arab countries, who have in the past aided Lebanon by providing medical supplies and personnel in times of crisis.

Doctors have warned of a serious shortage of medical supplies, and extremely overcrowded hospitals and clinics.