The Palestine section of the ‘Defense for Children International (DCI) – reported on Sunday that the Israel army has killed 783 Palestinian children since the outbreak of the Palestinian Intifada in September 2000. 425 Palestinian children were arrested since then.

The month of July 2006 witnesses the highest number of children killed by the Israeli troops since the beginning of the year; 27 children were killed.

The year 2002 had the highest record of death toll among the children were 192 were killed by Israeli forces.
International human rights organizations have repeatedly criticized Israel for its “awful record” of Human rights violations against the Palestinians.

The movement also warned of a humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip especially after the army air struck electricity generators leaving hospitals, medical centers and houses without power supply. All hospitals and medical centers depend on electricity in storing medicine in special fridges and in operating medical equipment especially in intensive care units.    

Also, most parts of the Gaza Strip are also facing shortages in water and fuel supplies.  

The DCI called on the international community to interfere and stop the continuous Israeli military aggression in the occupied Palestinian territories and to pressure Israel in order to stop its daily violations to human rights and the international agreements regarding the protection of children and civilians living under occupation.