Demonstrations were held in major cities across the world on Saturday, as part of an international call of solidarity against Israeli aggression in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

The biggest rally was held in London, where protesters demanded that Prime Minister Tony Blair join the international community in its call for a ceasefire, and condemn Israel for its brutal offensive.   

Since the bombing of Lebanon, Blair has joined US President George Bush in refusing to back the call for an immediate ceasefire between Hezbollah and Israel. Instead, they have given Israel the green light in wiping out Hezbollah, despite UN concerns of war crimes and collective punishment on Lebanese civilians.

Protests were also held across Canada and the United States. 15 000 people marched in Montreal, Canada calling on “the Canadian Government, its citizens, and the International Community to immediately intervene to stop the escalating humanitarian and political crisis, and to stop the Israeli government from its inhumane use of both disproportionate military force and collective punishment which violate Canadian and international law,” according to a statement released by organizers.

The death toll in Lebanon has reached 430, while 17 Israeli civilians have been killed since the beginning of the bombing.