Israeli forces did not stop the firing blitz into the Gaza Strip throughout night. Palestinian security sources and eyewitnesses confirm that Israeli warplanes bombed three houses including a home east of Gaza City, injuring many Palestinians. The International Red Cross had prior warning and alerted the families to immediately evacuate.

The Israeli target during the early hours of Tuesday was a four-story residential home where the sound explosions resonated throughout the city while white smoke and flames shot into the sky. The warplanes hit the home, injuring four Palestinians, as reported by medical sources in Gaza City’s major Al Shifa Hospital.

Although the home was made of cement and stone, very little remains other than rubble after the pounding. Israeli forces destroyed the home in its entirety. The Israeli claim is that members of the armed resistance wing of Islamic Jihad, Saraya Al Quds, were in the home.

Representatives from the International Committee of the Red Cross in Gaza told the family to evacuate the home after Israeli forces informed the Red Cross that they would launch an aerial raid. The home-owners from the four-story building rushed to remove their personal possessions, including furniture, children’s toys and family photographs.

On Monday the Israeli military announced it would attack all residential homes it suspected of “manufacturing or storing” homemade projectiles used by the armed resistance against Israeli targets, including military and nearby towns.