The Israeli army took eleven residents, including five brothers, as prisoners from the West Bank city of Hebron, after invading the city and the nearby towns of Biet Ummer, Dura and the village of Tarama Tuesday at dawn.

In Hebron, Israeli soldiers broke into the homes of several neighborhoods in the city and took Usama Mohamad Badawi Al Jamal, 20, and Ismail Mohamad Fateh Abu Aisha, 19, as prisoners.

In the towns of Dura and Biet Ummer, north and southwest of Hebron, the army invaded and broke into several homes and took Dura resident Mohamad HAmdi Al Sharha, 21, and Biet Ummer resident Ahmad Nadi Al Sliebi, 20, prisoner.

In the nearby village of Taramah, sources at the Palestinian prisoner Society Hebron branch reported that seven residents from the village were taken as prisoners by the Israeli army including five brothers. Those taken were identified as: Ahmad, Naser, Riyadh, Sameer and Ibrahim Abdel Al Kareem Ghannam, Islam Nimir Ghannam and Imad Ahmad Jad Allah.