The Israeli army invaded the West Bank town of Beit Furiq, east of Nablus, Wednesday at dawn and took four residents as prisoners

Ahmed Nasarah, Secretary of Beit Furiq municipality confirmed that soldiers broke into several houses, searching them and taking four residents as prisoners.

Those who were taken were identified as Bassam Nimir Sedqi Al Jah, 45, Mohamad Abdullah Sulieman Hanani, 18, and his brother Tareq, 17.  The army had earlier taken Najeh Sabti Yousef Khatatbah, 56.

Mr Nasasreh called for all Human Rights organizations to intervene to lift the tight closure that the army has imposed on the town.  He added that soldiers present at the checkpoint installed between Beit Fuiq and the nearby town of Biet Dajan had also obstructed their movement.