“Waking up in time” is the name of a new movement established in Israel following the current war on Lebanon. The origin of the movement stems from the “Four Mothers” movement which called on the Israeli army to evacuate from Lebanon six years ago.


The movement has 15 active members who stress that it will be “a movement of everyone, women and children”.

The Israeli Ynetnews reported that the active members of the movement placed 100 signs against the war in Lebanon in the city of Kfar Saba and headed towards Herzliya and Raanana.

An activist if the Four Mothers Movement, and now a member of the “Waking Up in Time” movement, said that Israel has no reason to enter Lebanon again, and that “withdrawing from Lebanon was the best that happened to Israel”.

She added that the founders of the movement were hoping that someone else, especially the young mothers, will stand up against the war and against sending their sons to fight in Lebanon, but “even the Meretz Party let us down”.

“We understood that there is no choice and that we must arouse the public once again”, she added.

Another 27-year old activist from Kfar Saba said that she lost some of her close friends in Lebanon.
“The more we wait, the price we pay in this war get heavier”, she added, “We already paid a heavy price, we must leave Lebanon now”.

ِActivists of the movement said that they will begin hanging signs in the coming night across Israel. The signs we carry messages against the Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, and the defense Minister, Amir Peretz.

One of the signs reads: "Olmert: Missing Sharon so entering Lebanon?" Another sign shows a picture of a Hezbollah member guarding caged Israeli soldiers above the caption: "With Amir Peretz – your children are in good hands", the Ynetnews reported.