A delegation from the Nelson Mandela Foundation visited Palestinian political prisoners at two Israeli prisons over the weekend. The delegation visited the Hadareem and Telmond Prisons to investigate living conditions and speak with Palestinians languishing behind Israeli bars.


At the Hadareem Prison, members from the Foundation spoke with Adbul Rahim, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Rahim noted that while living conditions remain deplorable, the general morale of the prisoners is very high

He stated, “Here we are very proud of the stamina of the Palestinian and Lebanese people in their encounters with the barbaric destruction caused by the Israeli occupation forces.” He continued, “The bloodshed occurring in the Gaza Strip and southern will demonstrate to the rest of the world the sick mentality of the Israeli adminsitration.”


The same day, the delegation from the Foundation visited a number of female political prisoners in Telmond Prison. Atif Olayyan, with her baby daughter Aisha, is currently being held in the prison without clear reasons for her detention. She told PNN that the rooms are filled with cockroaches and other insects, and that the temperature can become unbearably hot. She added that the Israeli authorities are deliberating disallowing prisoners access to news channels, preventing them from hearing anything about the current political situation.