Tehran Post reports that Iran’s Defense minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar claims that the nuclear disarmament of the Israeli force would be the best way to establish lasting peace and security in the region. "Israel’s major air, ground and sea aggression on the Lebanon is not only against Hezbollah and the Lebanese national resistance. This war is against international peace and security", claims Najjar.
Al-Jazeera also reported that Iran’s Foreign Minister,Manouchehr Mottaki, in Beirut talks called for a ceasefire along with France. Mottaki criticized the UN Security council’s failure in stopping the crisis. "The public opinion in the Islamic world and the international community are daily and frankly condemning the Israeli attacks in Lebanon while we see international organizations are keeping silent" claims Mottaki.
More than 750 Lebanese civilians are killed from Israeli strikes and at least 800 000 are displaced. Israeli offense is extending in the south, north and in the east of Lebanon. The Israeli force started taking control of Aita Al-Chaab, Al-Qaozah and Ramie villages when Hezbollah fighters confronted them and forced them to retreat. Israeli force was trying to take control of the hill overlooking those three villages because it was the location where two Israeli soldiers were abducted and eight others were killed.
Hezbollah has also said it has destroyed an Israeli warship off the coast of Tyre.
Israel has denied the claim.
The Israeli army said it had killed 20 Hezbollah fighters in southern Lebanon over the past 48 hours.
An army spokeswoman said: "We have killed 20 Hezbollah terrorists during the past two days in the sectors of Taibe and Al-Adeissa."
Hezbollah said it had lost three men during the fighting.
Further advances are reported. A senior official claims that the Israeli force will move deeper into south Lebanon and occupy that territory for weeks until multinational force can deploy there.