The children of Balata Refugee Camp in Nablus took to the streets on Monday to protest the war crimes being committed by the Israeli military and to demonstrate their solidarity with the children of Lebanon.



The Palestinian children held banners written in Arabic and English. One banner read, “Rice: You are not needed here, you are a partner in the massare.” Those gathered also denounced the Israeli crimes against Lebanese children, the latest of which was the bombing of an apartment building in Qana, . The attack claimed a large number of civilian lives, many of which were children.

Mohammed Hassan, a coordinator of the event, told PNN that the demonstration was only the first activity in a series of events that will mark a week of solidarity with the Lebanese people. He noted that in addition to the demonstration, Palestinian children are also sending letters of support to Lebanese children via the internet.

As the demonstration was nearing its end, a few children were left remaining. A child named Omar Amin held a sign that read: “You are killers. You are cowards.” His friend Tayel, told PNN that he was shocked at the images of Lebanese children buried beneath the rubble. He asked, “Why are children always the victims?”