The Israeli army conducted an air, sea and land attacks on several areas in the Gaza strip Wednesday at dawn. In Al Boraj refugee camp, central Gaza, F-16 jet fighters fired one missiles on the house of Issa Al Boutran, which lead to full destruction of the house and damaged several buildings around it. No casualties were reported yet.
The residents said that the Israeli army warned them half an hour before they bombed the house.

The Israeli army claims that the house was been used by Hamas fighters and as a weapon storage place.

The Israeli war ships shelled a Palestinian naval police station west of Gaza City. Meanwhile the Israeli heavy artillery shelled northern areas of the Strip.

A separate incident, the family of Nidal Salama, who was leader in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, killed in 2003, said that the army called them to evacuate because they are going to shell their house.

Gaza residents are receiving phone calls from the army ordering them to leave their house, which looks like a new procedure army’s implementing to create more chaos and damage to the residents lives and property in the Gaza strip.

Even with army’s orders, some of the families have no choice other than staying in their houses due to the lack of shelters or have no place to go to and risk being killed by the Israeli shelling. It has also been reported that the Israeli army don’t give enough time to the families to evacuate.