Three Palestinian filmmakers participated in a cultural evening in London sponsored by the Foundation of Southampton last Monday.

The event showcased Palestinian film and addressed the many issues of the current Palestinian situation. In her film “Good Morning Qalqilia,” director Roland Abu Ghosh from Ramallah presented a vivid picture of the dramatic situation that exists in the West Bank city of Qalqilia.

The film focused on the freedom of mobility and movement that has been severely restricted among Palestinians due to the construction of the Israeli Wall and the establishment of Israeli military roadblocks.

Throughout the film, the director noted how Israeli soldiers have turned the once-vibrant city into a large prison. Mohammad Al Attar, a member of the Palestinian Diaspora, showcased his film entitled “Iron Wall.”

The film focused on the practices of the Israeli occupation and the environmental consequence thereof. Al Attar also highlighted the continued Judaization of Jerusalem, noting the problematic situation it creates for the city’s Muslim residents.

Bethlehem filmmaker Sa’ed Abu Hammud told the story of a football team in Bethlehem struggling to stay together during the first Intifada in his film “Second Half.”

Hammud has been honored for the film at festivals in Greece, Italy, and Switzerland. Director of the Foundation Chris Hayden said that the films were received well by the audience, which included a large number of people from Britain’s Arab community.

Hayden noted that the proceeds from the evening will go to support children in Balata Refugee Camp in Nablus.

Meanwhile, The Edinburgh film festival in Scotland cited Israel’s offensive in Lebanon. as the reason they had advised the Israeli director, Yoav Shamir, not to attend the screening of his new work.

Shamir was informed by the organizers that it was expected that there would be protests at the festival over Israel’s attacks on Lebanon,