Hezbollah fighters said on Friday that six Israeli soldiers were killed in Markaba, and Eita Al Sha’ab villages in southern Lebanon. Number of Israeli soldiers killed in two days rises to ten.

Hizbollah’s Al Manar TV reported that fighters of the party destroyed a Matkava Israeli tank in gun-battles in Eita Al Sha’ab, in southern Lebanon.  Fighters also destroyed and a troop carrier in southern Lebanon.

Lebanese security sources reported that the fighters used bombs, anti-tank missiles and automatic rifles in their clashes with the Israeli soldiers.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army said that soldiers managed to control twenty villages located 6 to 7 kilometers within the Lebanese borders.

An Israeli military spokeswoman reported that Israeli wants to push Hezbollah fighters away from the border area and that troops are carrying operations in the villages of Maroun Al Ras, Al Taiba, Markaba, and other villages close to the Israeli-Lebanese borders.

The spokeswoman added that if the Israeli government approves the plan, soldiers will create what she described as a “security zone” 15 kilometers within the Lebanese borders.

Moreover, the Israeli air force continued its attacks and carried air strikes in Faria Oyoun Al Seeman area, in Kasrawan district, in The Lebanon Mountain area.

Earlier on Friday, troops shells several bridges linking northern Lebanon with the capital Beirut. Four civilians were killed and at least fifteen others were injured.

One Lebanese soldiers was killed in Israeli air strikes, overnight and on Friday at dawn, that targeted Al Dahia Al Al Awza’ey areas near Beirut.  At least four charitable societies were shelled and were completely damaged.

Troops also shelled an area close to the Lebanese-Syrian borders, and an area close to the main Electricity Company in the Western Biqa’ area.            

Hezbollah gunmen fired on Friday two missiles at Keryat Shmoneh settlement, north of Israel, and fired more shells at the Western Galilee,  Acre, and Naharya.  

On Thursday, eights Israelis, including three Arab residents of Israel, were killed in northern Israel by Katusha shells fired by Hezbollah, at least 55 were injured.

Katusha shells were also fired at Keryat Shmoneh settlement, Safad, Tiberius, and Rosh Pena, and for the first time, several shells landed the the occupied Golan Heights.