Members of the Women’s Organization of Jenin gathered outside the city’s International Red Cross office Thursday afternoon to protest Israeli aggression against the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples. 

The women proudly raised Lebanese, Palestinian, and Hezbollah flags and chanted slogans about saving the children of Palestine and from the scourge of war.

One woman held a banner that read, “The sons of Israeli Jews are not more precious than the sons of Palestine and .”

Several statements were made at the protest condemning the pro-Israeli policies and rhetoric of the international community. Participants asked the Red Cross and the United Nations to assume their responsibilities in providing international protection for the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples, and to establish an immediate cease-fire.

The organization concluded in condemning the silence of the Arab community. The women asked political leaders to take immediate action to halt the Israeli aggression in and Palestine, citing that those being attacked are members of “legitimate resistance in the face of the oppression and aggression of .”