Palestinian medical sources in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, reported on Friday that four Palestinians, including a 5-day old infant, were killed. The number of residents killed in Israeli attacks since Thursday to 12, at least 40 residents were injured. Several residents were injured in shelling to a number of houses.

A sources at Abu Yousef Al Najjar Hospital in Rafah identified the killed residents as Ahmad Shaheen, 22, Isam Younis Al Basheety, 23, Iz Ed Deen Abu Jazar, 23, and a five-day old child, Shahad Sheik Al Eed. The infant, Shahad, died after falling on the ground several times as her mother was carrying her and trying to escape the shells.

The source added that several injured residents are currently in serious conditions.   

Moreover, the army intensified the shelling in Al Shouka area in Rafah, and widened the ground invasion that started on Thursday morning.

The Israeli army forces took over a number of homes forcing the families in each home, each in a single room while soldiers ransacked the homes and used them as guard towers.

The families in the attacked homes, appealed the Red Cross and ambulances to aid them especially since they have children who need milk and food.

Moreover, eyewitnesses reported that military bulldozers uprooted agricultural farmlands in the area and bulldozed several houses.

On Thursday, several families fled Al Shouka area after it was repeatedly shelled by Israeli tanks, and headed to schools in an area that is considered relatively safe.

In Gaza city, an Israeli F16 fighter-jet, fired a missile at a house near Al Jala’ and Al Yarmouk intersection; the house, that belongs to resident Mohammad Abu Qneis, was completely damaged, while several surrounding houses were partially damaged; one passerby by injured.

Several houses were shelled in Al Shaty’ refugee camp, west of Gaza City; several residents were injured, and one houses was completely damaged. The house apparently belongs to one of the leaders of the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad.