Gaza’s health and environment statistics are reaching record lows. The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that Israeli forces killed 177 Palestinians in military operations during the month of July. This figure represents a 222 percent rise in the number of deaths in June. The number of injured in the attacks in July was 1,010, representing a 317 percent rise from the previous month.

Officials from the Ministry told PNN Saturday that the death toll for the month of August is likely to resemble that of July as Israelis continue killing in the southern Gaza Strip and elsewhere. So far this month, Israeli forces killed 16 Palestinians and injured at least 50 others.

The officials stressed that those injured are usually unarmed civilians, including numerous children. The attacks in Gaza have highlighted the fact that even infants are not immune from senseless Israeli killing. The youngest Palestinian to be killed in Israeli military operations in Gaza was Saleh Omar Eid, who was just 3 days old.

A Ministry of Health spokesperson noted how the Israeli massacres and attacks on the people of southern Lebanon are nothing more than an extension of the heinous crimes that have been committed against Palestinians for years. He stressed that the ongoing attacks on Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip have not only claimed the lives of many, but have also endangered access to food, water, and electricity.