Sunday evening, Israeli settlers opened fire at a Palestinian vehicle south of the West bank city of Nablus, killing one resident and injuring his brother, Palestinian medical and security sources reported.

Palestinian security sources reported that the resident, Hussein Mardawi, 48, is a member of the Islamic Jihad Movement. His brother was injured in the attack.

The sources added that a settlers group ambushed the vehicle and opened fire at it. If is not clear if the settlers knew the identity of the residents in the attacked vehicle.

Also on Sunday, soldier killed a member member of the Islamic Jihad after surrounding his house in Jenin, in the northern part of the West Bank.

Soldiers claimed that Rasheed Al Omary, was shot and killed by the soldiers after refusing to surrender when troops broke into a house he was hiding in.

Al Omary was unarmed when he was killed, local sources reported.