The Jerusalem Center for Democracy and Human Rights issued its report for the month of July on Israeli violations in the Governorate of Occupied Jerusalem.

A sample of the report includes: The Israeli occupation forces continued to commit more war crimes against the occupied Palestinian territories and against Palestinian citizens in the governorate of Al Quds and continued to commit more serious and massive violations including violating freedom of worship, home demolitions and land confiscation, Wall and settlement expansion.

Israeli forces continued to commit more serious and massive violations which are incompatible with the principles of international law and international humanitarian law. In this context, we must monitor the status of Jerusalem, democracy and human rights of many of these Israeli violations during the month of July 2006.

Israeli forces killed, injured and arrested several citizens. They are also preventing free access to Al Aqsa Mosque, second only in importance for Muslims to Mecca. The Wall surrounding what is left of the shrinking area of East Jerusalem is equipped with cameras, while residents of Shu’fat Refugee Camp are routinely under siege.