Palestinian medical sources in Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza reported on Wednesday at night that three Palestinians, including a three- year old child were killed, and three other residents were injured, in an Israeli air strike in Al Nafaq neighborhood in Gaza City.

The two killed residents were identified as Ahmad Hussein Al Mishal, 17, and Ramadan Al Majdalawy, 22, while the child was identified as Raja’ Abu Sha’ban, 3.

A local source in Gaza reported that an Israeli military helicopter fired at least two missiles at a training location that belongs to the Salah Ed Deen brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, killing the two fighters and moderately injuring three others.

Dr. Moawiya Hassanen, head of the Emergency Unit at the Palestinian Ministry of Health, reported that the head of the three year old child was decapitated as a result of the blast.

The targeted area is at the entrance of an agricultural farmlands and hothouses in Al Zarqa’ area, in Al Nafaq neighborhood.
Abu Mojahid, the spokesperson of the Salah Ed Deen brigades, said that the missiles targeted a vehicle that was parked in a training center that belongs to the brigades.

Abu Mojahid added that the group will retaliate to the attack, and vowed to intensify the firing of homemade shells into Israeli areas in retaliation “to the continuous crimes carried by Israel against the Palestinian people”.

Meanwhile, an Israeli helicopter dropped leaflets over Al Shouka town in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

The leaflets warn the residents that the army will expand its attacks if the firing of homemade shells resumes and if the resistance continues to dig tunnels in the area.

Last week, seventeen residents, including children, were killed in Al Shouka and dozens of houses were totally destroyed. Vast areas of farmlands were bulldozed in the attack, and dozens of families became homeless after the army shelled and levelled their homes.