Thursday afternoon, two Israeli soldiers were killed and two were seriously wounded in clashes with Hezbollah fighters in southern Lebanon. During evening hours on Thursday, eight soldiers were injured, one seriously and two moderately. Earlier on Thursday one soldier was also killed in southern Lebanon.

At least sixteen Israeli soldiers werer injured on Thursday.

Israeli sources reported that sever clashes took place in the towns of Marj-Oyoun, Al Khiyam and Qlei’a in the eastern sector of southern Lebanon. Israeli troops advanced to the are on Wednesday at night and engaged in fierce clashed with Hezbollah fighters after invading the eastern sector.

A local source in Lebanon reported that Hezbollah fighters fired mortars, anti-tank shells and destroyed two Israeli tanks near Marj-Oyoun town.  A third tanks was badly damaged in the attack, several soldiers were injured.

On Thursday evening, Hezbollah fighters fired dozens of shells at Israeli troops, tanks and bulldozers in an areas between Marj-Oyoun and Al Khiyam.  

Israeli soldier killed, four injured in southern Lebanon
2006-08-10 12:30:10

One Israeli soldier was killed on Thursday and four others were seriously injured in clashes with Hezbollah fighters in southern Lebanon. The clashes took place overnight and at dawn.

The killed soldier was moved to Rambam hospital in Haifa; he was shot in clashes that took place in Al Khiyam town. Three of the injured soldiers were injured in Einata Lebanese town.

Meanwhile, Israeli sources reported that fierce gun battles are taking place in Marj-Oyoun, Al Khiyam, and Qle’a town in the eastern sector of southern Lebanon after the army advanced there on Wednesday at night.

Hezbollah reported that its gunmen damaged 13 Israeli tanks on Thursday morning in Marj-Oyoun, Einata and Al Khiyam.

Media sources in Lebanon reported that Israeli troops partially withdrew from Marj-Oyoun and Al Khiyam.

Lebanese police sources reported that fierce clashes took place in an area known as the Hospitals area, near the southern entrance of Al Khiyam.

Four Israeli tanks were shelled and burnt during clashes that took place north of Marj-Oyoun, Lebanese police source reported.

Fifteen Israeli soldiers were killed on Wednesday, dozens were injured, nine seriously, during clashes with Hezbollah fighters in towns located in the western sector of southern Lebanon.