Israeli sources reported on Thursday that Hezbollah gunmen fired of Katusha shells into northern Israeli towns, a mother and her child were killed in the Arab Galilee town of Dir Al Asad.


The Arabs48 news website reported that family members were sitting in front of their house when a Katusha shell hit it.

The child died instantly while the mother died of her wounds at a local hospital.

Eleven other residents were injured in the shelling; among the injured is the four-year-old brother of the child who was killed.

The brother of the child, and the mother in law of the dead woman suffered serious injuries.

According to Israeli military sources Hezbollah gunmen fired by mid-afternoon some 60 Katusha shells at cities and towns across northern Israel.

The sources stated that another shell hit a house in Carme’el Israeli town, no injuries were reported.

Explosions were also heard in several northern Israeli towns, including Haifa, no injuries were reported.

Israeli security sources reported that at least four shells landed in several areas in Haifa.

Also, one Katusha shell landed in an open area near the Arab town of Shfa-Amr, no injuries were reported. More shells landed near the nearby village of Tamra.
Wednesday, at least 160 Katusha shells were fired at several areas in northern Israel, long-rang shells landed in areas between bet Shan and Affoula.