Two Palestinian residents were injured and three were taken prisoners in an Israeli military operation in the West Bank city of Rammallah which started Thursday morning and lasted until the afternoon hours.

According to Maan news agency, the three prisoners are members of  Al Aqsa martyrs brigades, the armed wing of Fatah.  Local sources said clashes took place between the activists and Israeli troops who surrounded them in the Al Murjan building in the Am Asharayit area in the city. The building is located near the headquarters of the Palestinian intelligence.

Mahmod Jabarein sustained a hand injury during clashes between Israeli soldiers and local youth. He was rushed to the city’s public hospital for treatment, medical sources reported, the other one injured remains unknown. Maan News also reported the three activists taken prisoners were identified as Ramzi Obeido, Iyad Al Froukh and Murad Al Malhi.

Thursday morning, more than 20 Israeli army vehicles invaded the city of Ramallah, surrounded several buildings, and imposed curfew on the city. Troop stormed the Al Murjan building near the Palestinian general intelligence headquarters claiming to search for ‘wanted’ men.

Local sources said troops imposed a curfew on the Om Asharayit area where is the besieged building is located. Soldiers prevented ambulance crews from entering the area and threatened to bomb the building in an attempt to force the residents out of their houses, local sources added.

The army left the area leaving behind considerable amount of Damage to the residents houses in the surrounded building and the streets surrounding the building, eyewitnesses reported.