Israeli security sources reported on Friday evening that Hezbollah gunmen fired a long range missile known as “Khaibar 1” at Haifa city, north of Israel. Dozens of Katusha rockets were fired at Israeli towns and settlements in northern Israel.

At least 16 Katusha rockets hit Haifa on Friday morning, at least four residents were injured and damage was reported, the Israeli Radio reported.

The missile landed and exploded on a highway between Tel Aviv and Haifa. Traffic was completely halted for several hours, no injuries were reported.

Katusha shells were also fired at Safad town; one Israeli was mildly injured after the shell hit the 14th floor in a huge building in the town.

Meanwhile, Israeli military sources reported that 66 Katusha shells hit several areas in the Galilee on Friday. 22 of these shells hit Nahariya, 7 hit Ma’alot, 5 hit the Golan, 4 hit Acre, 3 hit Safad, one hit Carmiel and one shell hit Misgav.

Several shells landed in fields in the Higher Galilee area causing a huge fire that threatened an Israeli missile base; rescue teams and firefighters rushed to the area to distinguish the fire.

Hezbollah fighters also shelled Keryat Shmoneh city setting one building on fire after directly hitting it with several shells. Two more shells hit a nearby house, no casualties were reported in both incidents.

One building was damaged in Nahariya after it was hit with a shell, Israeli sources reported.

Several shelled hit the Western Galilee area since early morning hours causing considerable damage.