An Israeli military court sentenced a Ukrainian female detainee to twenty consecutive years after charging her with transferring a bomber to Israel. Her Palestinian husband, is currently imprisoned by Israel after he was sentenced to 6 consecutive life terms on the same charges.

The Ofer Israeli military court decided on Thursday that Erena Sarahna, 27, transferred a suicide bomber to tel Aviv.

Sarahna was arrested three years ago while her two daughters are living separately in Palestine and Russia. The youngest daughter, Ghazala, 6 years old, is living with her Palestinian grandparents in Duheisha refugee camp, in Bethlehem, while her other daughter Yasmin is living with her Ukrainian grandparents.

Erena and her husband were arrested in Bat Yam Israeli area, near Tel Aviv. The Israeli security claims that the couple confessed that they transferred a suicide bomber, Issa Bdeir, from Beit Jala town near Bethlehem to Reshon Litzion Israeli town. Two Israelis were killed in the bombing and 50 were injured.

Erena and her husband were arrested in 2002, she was sentenced at first to three years, and when she finished her detention period on October, 26, 2005, the court decided to deport her but did not do so after Erena’s lawyer filed an appeal.

The deportation order was cancelled on December, 9, 2005.