Saturday, Hezbollah gunmen fired at least 65 Katusha shells at several Israeli towns in the north, at least six Israelis were injured.  Several shells were fired at Acre; the shells detonated around the city, no injuries were reported.

The Al Karyout area, near Haifa, and the Ma’alot area, near the Western Galilee, were shelled by dozens of Katusha rockets.

Also, shells were fired at Safad and Carmiel, one house was destroyed in Safad after being directly hit by a Katusha rocket, five residents were injured and several surrounding homes were damaged.

Israeli security sources reported that several Katusha shells landed in open areas in Safad and that fires broke out in several areas in the Western Galilee.

Moreover, Israeli security sources reported that the number of shells fired by Hezbollah fighters since the beginning of the war has reached 3650.