Lebanese security sources said that Israeli air raids killed at least 22 people on Sunday.  The Israeli government reported one civilian casualty from Hezbollah rocket fire in northern Israel.  After four weeks of war, at least 1,100 Lebanese civilians, and 39 Israeli civilians, have been killed, according to official sources.

Israeli air strikes on Kebanon on Sunday morning killed 7 civilians, including a woman and three children, and injured another 19, according to the Lebanese police.

The Israeli bombardment of the Ali An Nahri village 20 km south of Ba’albek, in the east of Lebanon, killed two Lebanese civilians and injured another ten. Israeli warplanes launched three air strikes on the village, destroying a house.

Also on Sunday, Israeli bombardments hit a residential home in the east of Sur, killing a mother and her three children under the age of ten, as well as her children’s babysitter.

Israeli forces have prevented vehicles from moving in Sur since Monday of last week, and have separated Sur from the rest of the country, by saying that all moving cars and vehicles will be targeted, with the suspicion that they are supporting Hezbollah.  The Israeli forces have informed residents of Sur that if they move in any vehicle in the area, they will be bombarded by the Israeli forces.  Many residents are thus afraid to evacuate from Sur.

The Dahiyeh area, in the southern part of the city of Beirut, was heavily bombarded by Israeli air strikes Sunday as well, Lebanese television stations said; several buildings were destroyed, and local rescue teams said 10 people were killed and some 20 more were wounded in the attack.  Many refugees from the south of Lebanon have fled to the Dahiyeh area — the already crowded, poor neighborhood is now overcrowded with refugees.

A medical source reported that one Palestinian was injured in an Israeli air strike on the Ein Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp near Sidon, in southern Lebanon.  The Israeli air force bombed Halba and Akkar, in north Lebanon, on Sunday morning, injuring 6 people.  Lebanese police said that Israeli warplanes destroyed two new bridges in Sahil Akkar that link the region with Tripoli, the largest city in north Lebanon and with Syria.

Israeli air strikes on the village of Brital near Lebanon’s eastern border with Syria killed at least nine civilians and wounded 33, medics said. More people were buried under the rubble after the air raids, which took place shortly before midnight on Sunday night.

And in Israel, approximately 115 rockets were fired into northern Israel by Hezbollah resistance fighters, killing one Israeli and wounding 29, according to Israeli sources.

Mahadi Hiyat, 83, was killed when a rocket crashed directly into his house near the town of Shlomi. Hiyat was the sole Arab resident of the northern Jewish community of Ya’arah. Arab-Israelis have made up a disproportionate number of the civilian casualties in Israel, and Arab-Israeli leaders have complained that there is little support for either evacuation, warning or shelters for Arab-Israelis.  Of the 39 Israeli civilians killed by Hezbollah rocket fire since July 13th, more than half have been Israeli-Arabs (Israeli-Arabs make up approximately 20% of the population of Israel).