Ghazi Hamad, media spokesperson of the Palestinian Government, reported that the two meetings between the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, and Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya, agreed in principle to hold further talks on forming a National Unity Government.

Hamad, member of Hamas, added that the movement still conditions the release of all ministers and legislators taken prisoners by Israel before forming any unity government.

He said that the last two meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday between Abbas and Haniyya discussed the effects of war in Lebanon on the Palestinian cause, and discussed the current financial situation of the Palestinian government in addition to its authorities.

Also, Hamad said that the salaries of P.A employees might be transferred within two days.
Meanwhile, Abbas denied reports that an agreement to form a national unity government has been reached without solving the issue of the abducted legislators and ministers.

Moreover, Hamad said that the president is attempting to solve the issue of the abducted Israeli soldier in Gaza, and that he informed the leaders of the Palestinian factions and the Egyptian delegates that Hamas predicts  additional Israeli escalation in the area in order to foil ant Palestinian attempt for national unity or stability.