Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, strongly slammed the abduction of two international reporters (American and New-Zealand) in Gaza city, and demanded the abductors to release them immediately and to stop these immoral acts that harms the Palestinian cause.

The movement issued a press release on Tuesday and said that this abduction is considered an attack that targets the Palestinian national morals and values, especially since this attack harms the integrity of the journalistic work guaranteed by the law.

“Every reporter should be respected, no matter of his or her nationality or origin”, the statement reads, “the Palestinian law and morals do not allow these immoral attacks”.

The movement called on the security devices to act acts these attacks and to carry all the needed measure in order to ensure that such attacks are not repeated.

“This abduction harms the image of our people, and our struggle against the occupation”, the statement adds, “whether intentionally or not, this abduction serves the Zionist agenda and harms our regional and international image”.

The abduction was carried out  on Monday, August 14, when gunmen driving a Magnum jeep obstructed the vehicle of of Steve Centanni, 60, a FOX News reporter, and a 36-year-old cameraman Olaf Wiig, from New Zealandand took them to an unknown location.

The two reporters, and a bodyguard were parked near the headquarters of the Palestinian Security Service, when gunmen abducted and boxed them in a truck and drove away.

The Palestinian government slammed that abduction immediately and demanded the fast and safe release of the two journalist.    

Ghazi Hamad, the official spokesperson of the Palestinian Government, told the Ramatan News Agency that any abduction of reporters, diplomats, visitors… is totally rejected and is considered a sort of insecurity.

Hamad added that the Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya, is closely following the developments of this case along with the Minister of Interior Sa’id Siyam.   

Hamad stated that the security forces are investigating the incident and are conducting utmost efforts to ensure the safe release of the two reporters.