It is true that Israel pulled out its military forces from inside the Gaza Strip, yet, attacks against Palestinian civilians and resistance groups never came to an end. Over 370 Palestinians have been killed 24 percent of them are children, and over 1300 were wounded over 35 percent of them were children.
Palestinian Minister of Health, Dr. Bassim Na’im, reported on Thursday that 378 Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip, and 1385 were injured since Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip August 2005.

Dr. Naim stated in a press released that 91 of the killed residents are children, and that 494 children were injured by Israeli military fire and shells.

Dr. Naim added that the health condition in the Gaza Strip is deteriorating as a result of the escalating Israeli military attacks against the Palestinian people and the strict closure Israel is imposing on the Gaza Strip.

He said that Gaza hospitals are lacking the basic medical equipments and medical supplies especially amidst the increasing number of deaths and injuries as a result of the continuous Israeli military attacks.  

Moreover, Israel continued imposing its strict closure over the crossings in the Gaza Strip, such as Al Mintar, Sofa, and Rafah barring the residents from entering or leaving the Gaza Strip.

The Eretz crossing between the Gaza Strip and Israel remained opened only for humanitarian cases.