The Palestinian daily newspaper Al Ayam reported on Thursday that senior Hamas officials presented president Mahmoud Abbas with the movement’s terms for the formation of a Palestinian National Unity Government.

Al Ayam reported that Hamas conditioned that it maintains the position of Prime Minister, and that the rest of ministerial positions to be filled in proportion to the parliamentary power of each faction. Hamas will maintain its majority in the government.  

Also, according to Al Ayam report, that Palestinian Authority diplomatic platform will be based on the detainees document which was drafted by senior detainees in Israeli detention facilities, including Fateh leader Marwan Barghouthi and several imprisoned leaders of Palestinian factions.

Hamas demands that the blockade and boycott of the Palestinian Hamas-led government should end after the formation of the national unity government.

Hamas officials said that the National Unity government will never be put in place if Israel does not release the elected ministers and legislators.
Moreover, Abbas said that Palestinian factions agreed to halt all attacks that could “invite Israeli aggression”, but several factions denied the report according to the Israeli online daily Haaretz.