The Israeli army kidnapped the Palestinian Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Nasser Iddin El-Sha’er from his house in the West Bank city of Ramallah on Saturday, Palestinian sources reported.

Ghazi Hamad, spokesman of the Palestinian Authority said kidnapping El-Sha’er, who is also Minister of Education, is part of an “Israeli plan that aims to destroy the Palestinian political system and topple the elected government.”

“It is clear now after the war on is over, that will focus its aggression against the Palestinians again, through daily military escalation and killing, and massacres, in addition to the ongoing kidnapping,” said Hamad and added that behaves “as if it is above the law.”

In the early hours of Saturday morning, a large Israeli force invaded Ramallah and surrounded El-Sah’er’s house and called for him to come out, and arrested him and took him to an unknown destination.

Few weeks ago, at least five employees at El-Sha’er’s office were hospitalized when they inhaled the content of an envelop they received by mail addressed to the Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismael Haniya.

Haniya has never been in his Ramallah office as he is in Gaza and Israel refuses to allow him and all Hamas minister and Parliament members to visit the West Bank, as part of the sanctions Israel imposed on the Palestinian Authority following the democratic elections that were held in January 2006, in which Hamas won a majority in the parliament.

The sanctions also include holding some 50 millions dollars, is due to pay them for the Palestinian Authority from the tax revenue.   is currently holding payments of five months, equal to 250 million dollars.

The and the European Union are also practicing similar sanctions by freezing aid money to the PA which disabled it from paying its 165 thousand civil servants who need around 100 million dollar per month.

The PA civil servants have not received their paychecks since March, except for some partial payments that totals one month only.

The Israeli army has kidnapped more than 35 Palestinian Parliament Members in addition to 10 cabinet Ministers following the capture of the Israeli soldier by the Palestinian resistance in Kerem Shalom military attack on June 25.

15 Members of Parliament are already held in Israeli dugeons, before they were elected legislators in January.