Israeli soldiers fired overnight artillery shells at fighters of the Al Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad Movement, killing one fighter and injuring three others. The fighters were attempting to cross into Israeli areas, Israeli military sources reported.

A source at the Islamic Jihad said that Mustafa Mansour was killed east of Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. Medics managed to retrieve his body on Thursday. The injured fighters were moved to local hospitals in Khan Younis.
Local source in Khan Younis reported that exchanges of fire were heard in al Faraheen area in Khan Younis before the soldiers fired artillery shells.

On Thursday morning, one resident was killed and one was arrested when the Israeli troops supported by tanks and military bulldozers invaded Al Faraheen area, east of Khan Younis.

During the attack, soldiers abducted Younis Abu Doka, a Hamas Leader who works as a teacher at the Islamic University in Gaza.

Under-cover forces of the Israeli army stormed the house of Yousef Abu Doka, the brother of Yousef, and killed him before abducted his brother.

Medical sources reported that Yousef was shot from a close range in the head and chest and died instantly.

The houses of Yousef and Younis were shelled by the Israeli air force and were completely destroyed. The two houses are shelters for 20 members of the family.