Fateh party spokesperson in the West Bank, Fahmi Al Zarir, condemned Israel’s continual targeting of Palestinian journalists.

Although the latest attack came in the early morning hours in Gaza City, it is certainly not the first. Palestinian journalists are  targets of myriad aggressions throughout the West Bank as well.

Al Zarir said Sunday, “In order to blur the truth and forget history the Israelis are trying to make certain that their version of events is the only one seen.”

The Palestinian National Liberation Movement spokesperson continued, “It is part of Israel’s continued aggression against the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza, and a continuation of the long-standing policy of death and destruction.”

He also said, “This is another method to target and intimidate journalists who are trying to transit the objective truth, impartially and with neutrality. This is the Israeli response to that. This is what Israel did in its latest aggression on Gaza, which was hit on Reuters and Dubai TV.”

On behalf of Fateh, Al Zarir expressed solidarity with the journalists and wished them a “speedy recovery in the wake of this heinousness.”