Four Palestinian security personnel were killed and several
wounded in an Israeli air strike which targeted Al-Shija’ya neighborhood of Gaza city on Monday


The four were killed when an Israeli jet fighter fired a
missile at a gathering for the special security force formed by the Ministry of

The source said the bodies arrived to the hospital severely

The four were identified as, Mahmoud Jindiya 20, Mohammad
Hasaneen 22, Khaled ‘Ajala 22, and Mohammad Hilis 20 and all were members of
the security forces as they were wearing the uniform of the force.

The special security force was formed by the
Hamas-controlled Ministry of Interior after the elected Hamas parliament
members formed the government last February.

The formation of the force which consists of mostly Hamas
members created a dispute among the Palestinian different factions.  The former ruling Fatah party said the
formation of this group was illegal, whereas Hamas argued that it was.

Hamas said, it formed this group to back up the existing
security force, which according to Hams was unable to protect the Palestinian

This air strike raised the death toll to eight since Sunday
morning, when four Hamas members where killed when the Israeli army invaded Al-Shija’ya