An Israeli website published a report based on a statement by the Israeli Ministry of Environment on war damage in the north of Israel, and revealed that the ministry reported that 3950 Katusha shells were fired by Hizbollah fighters at Israeli areas in northern Israel during the 34 days of war.

According to the report, three-quarters of these missiles hit “open areas", which means that about 3000 shells landed there, while some 950 did not.  Yet the report states that 12,000 buildings were hit by these rockets, and that 2000 buildings were completely destroyed.

The report triggered the question: “how could less than 1000 shells hit 12,000 buildings?! And how could less than 1000 shells completely destroy 2000 buildings?!

According to these figures, each Katusha shell completely destroyed two buildings!

The author of the Israeli report said that these data and numbers were included in the report issued by the Israeli Ministry of Environment, which also claimed that 400 fires were caused by the shelling and that 12,000 Dunams of forest land were burnt.

The report also says that a large amount of trash needed to be buried but did not report on the components of this “trash”.  It did say that the process will cost more than 30 million Israeli Shekels.

110 Tons of different materials leaked to the sea after the shells hit factories, pipes, and several constructions.

In a separate aspect, the report noted that “reptiles, bugs and animals” were harmed by the war, and that 10% of pet dogs were lost or died after their owners fled their homes during the war. The report did not include any information about lost cats!