Palestinian Fatah Legislative Council member, Issa Qaraqi', has
appealed to the UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, who will visit the
Palestinian territories on Wednesday, for the deployment of international
forces in the occupied Palestinian territories.

"They are needed to protect the Palestinian people from the
continuing Israeli attacks and massacres".he said.

Qaraqa’ continued, “Annan needs to be made aware that
the Palestinian people are in need of international protection. Such protection
will be warranted until Israel
ends this brutal occupation and until an international conference is held that
demands Israel
withdraws from the Palestinian territories and an independent State of
Palestine is established".

Qaraqa’ issued his request to United Nations Secretary
General Kofi Annan who will be in Ramallah tomorrow after meeting with members
of the Israeli administration and making a stop in Lebanon.

The former Director of the Palestinian Prisoner Society and Bethlehem resident was speaking of both the West Bank and Gaza Strip in his call to Kofi Annan.

He said that Palestinian Authority is unable to adequately
protect the Palestinian people from Israeli attacks. In addition to arrests and
incursions which occur on a daily basis, Palestinians are suffering as a result
of the US
and Israeli economic blockade.

Qaraqi' said, "As a PLC member, I feel great
humiliation following the arrest of the elected ministers and PLC members. Authority
becomes an empty term. There is no political meaning of its existence". He
added, "The international community should realize that, and recognize
that a serious political massacre is taking place in the land of Palestine".