A Palestinian Prisoner Society lawyer was told by  political prisoner, Samir Fahami Ibrahim Taher,
of his experiences of psychological and physical torture at the hands of the
Israeli prison administration.

Israeli forces arrested Taher from his home in the northern West Bank on the fourth of August.

The 33 year old Nablus
man gave sworn testimony to a Palestinian Prisoner Society attorney describing
exactly what has happened to him since arriving in Israeli prison.

His case is one of the latest cases to be documented.

Taher told of how he was surrounded by seven investigators
who screamed at him and called him demeaning names. They told him that they had
arrested his wife and said they had an order from the Supreme Court to
investigate his death. They accused him of planning resistance operations. Taher
denied the charges against him for three days. The Israelis then forced him to
take a polygraph.

After that the Israeli investigators bound his legs and
hands in an excruciating position and deprived him of sleep for three days. Then
he had to take another polygraph. None of these were successful.

During this period the Israelis also severely beat Taher in
the head and kicked him in many parts of his body. He is still suffering from
pain and bruises. The Prisoner Society lawyer says that the bruising is severe,
especially around Taher’s eyes. He described them as being large and blue from

Israeli forces arrested Taher’s wife 10 days ago. She is now
in the Telmond Women’s Prison. Taher said that he is gravely concerned for her
safety, particularly as she may be pregnant.

The Palestinian Prisoner Society says it will follow her
case as well.

*sourced from PNN