Israeli sources reported that four Israeli settlers were arrested on
Wednesday after attacking Israeli soldiers and breaking through a
checkpoint in the northern part of the West Bank in an attempt to reach
the evacuated settlement of Sa-Nur.

The four were arrested after the soldiers fired rounds of live ammunition in the air. Two of the settlers are former residents of the settlement which was evacuated during the implantation of the Disengagement Plan last year.

Israeli online daily Haaretz reported that the settlers told the soldiers that they want to visit the former settlement which is designated now as a closed military zone.

Soldiers told the four settlers that they cannot pass the checkpoint but then they stepped out of their cars and attacked one soldier before continuing their drive.

Only after soldiers fired in the air did the men stop, Haaretz said. Soldiers arrested them and their remand will be extended on Thursday, Haaretz said.

Also, Haaretz added that there have been repeated incidents of settlers who attempted to enter the evacuated settlements in the West Bank in an attempt to to mark one year since the evacuation.