The Israeli air force planes dropped leaflets over Gaza Strip, which
IMEMC have obtained a copy of, accusing the Palestinian resistance
fighters of taking the Palestinian Population of Gaza Strip as hostages.

The leaflet which was written in Arabic Language reads, "To the residents of Gaza Strip. 
Members of the terrorist groups continue to use you as human shields.  They prevent the opening of the border crossing terminals with their terrorist operations, and therefore you have become their hostages.

The Israeli Defense Force realizes that these border crossings are vital for you, and the IDF does not waste a chance to reopen them and reopen new ones as well, like Soufa crossing for your comfort.  Yet, the continuation of the terrorist attacks at the crossing points and the movement of the terrorists through these crossing point, leaves the IDF no choice but to keep them closed to protect the lives of Palestinian and Israeli works and protect the citizens of the state of Israel.

Do not allow those extremists who serve foreign interests to prevent you from having a secure and economically prosperous future.

The Central Command of the Israeli Defense Force”

The Israeli army has been closing the border crossing points between Gaza and Israel preventing the transfer of products and goods between the West Bank and Gaza Strip.  Some aid caravans have been sent from Jordan and Egypt to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to help the people survive and avoid a humanitarian crisis in the region.

In a recent invasion to Al-Shija'ia neighborhood in Gaza, Israeli army killed 20 Palestinians and wounded dozens and destroyed several structures and cause serious damage to the infrastructure, claiming that they are looking for tunnels, Palestinians are planning to use to attack Israel.