A monthly report of the International Solidarity Institute for Human
Right revealed that Israeli soldiers killed 86 Palestinians, including
16 children. Twelve residents were killed in targeted killing attacks.
A three-day old child, and eight women were also killed in August.

Sixteen Palestinian children were killed by Israeli shells and bullets, the youngest casualty was a three-day old child, Shahad Saleh Al Eid.
The report stated that the Israeli attacks are in direct violations to the international law while Israel continues to violate the fundamental rights of the Palestinian people by using excessive force against civilians and children.

65 residents were killed by the Israeli bullets and shells in the Gaza Strip, while in the West Bank, seven residents were killed in Jenin, six in Nablus, two in Bethlehem, two in Tulkarem, one in Qalqilia, one in Tammoun and one in Tubas.

Number of Palestinians killed in July and August arrived to 285 residents.

At least 270 residents, including 11 women, were arrested in August. The eleven women were identified as Myassar Abu Ezneid, 40, Rifqa Al Ja'bary, 43, Rania Abu Khdeir, 25, all from Hebron, Roweida Oweijan, 30, from Nablus, Haya Ghanim, 20, Montaha Boshnaq, 21, both from Tulkarem, Zakiyya Ghawanma, 35, Hiba Al Ammoury, 22, Falasteen Sabah, 22, all from Al Jalazonerefugee camp in Ramallah, and two unidentified women who were arrested in Al Ezariyya town, near Jerusalem.

Troops also arrested several legislators, ministers, members of city councils and one university lecturers.

The arrested ministers are Minister of Education and Vice Prime Minister, Nasser Ed Deen Al Shaer, Dr. Aziz Dweik, head of the Palestinian Legislative Council, member of the Legislative Council, Fadel Hamdan and Mahmoud Musleh, head of Beit Ummar Municipality Farhan Alqam, member of Al Biereh city council, Ziad Dayya,  head of Shaqba municipality near Ramallah, Hussein Nakhla, member of Municipality council, Sameh Mahmoud Affana, Dr, Rafiq Abu Dheir, a lecturer at Al Najah University in Nablus.  
Hebron district witnessed the largest arrest campaign, at least 75 residents were arrested. In Nablus at least 45 were arrested, 29 in Qalqilia, 24 in Bethlehem, 24 in Tulkarem, 22 in Jenin, 17 in Ramallah, 6 in Jericho, 3 in Jerusalem, two in Tubas, two in Salfit, one on Tammoun and twenty residents were arrested in the Gaza Strip.

Attacks against journalists continued and extended in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, army also attacked several journalist agencies and offices.

In August 1, soldiers broke into Mass Press center and confiscated several computers, files and 550 New Israeli Shekels.
August 3, soldiers detained Romel Al Sweity, a reported with Al Hayat Al Jadeeda newspaper, after stopping him at a military checkpoint near Huwwara town, south of Nablus.

August 18, Rami Abdo, a camera man working with the Associated Press was injured by a rubber coated bullet while reporting from Bilin village, near Ramallah, during a protest against the Wall.

August 24, soldiers shot and injured Dr. Farid Abu Dheir, a lecturer at the Journalism Department at Al Najah University in Nablus as he was crossing through a checkpoint near Hebron.

August 27, an Israeli helicopter fired a missile at an armored press vehicle carrying a clear sign for Reuters, the attack took place near Al Mintar Crossing, east of Gaza City. Cameraman Fadel Shana'a was moderately injured, and a local cameraman, Sabbah Hmeida, was seriously injured.  
Targeting medical teams and medical facilities also continued in August causing damage and several injuries.

August 13, Israeli soldiers broke into Al Ahli Hospital in Hebron after surrounded the building. Soldiers also broke into Al Mizan Hospital and the Hebron Governmental Hospital in Hebron.  
August 20, soldiers broke into a medical center that belongs to the Islamic Charitable Society, violently searched it causing excessive damage.

August 27, soldiers stationed at a checkpoint near Aseera Al Shimaliyya village, in the northern part of the West Bank, attacked Dr. Jihad Bani Odeh, a veterinarian, and Dr. Salah Bisharat, a dentist, and struck them with rifle-buts.

August 31, a medic identifed as Majid Al Nada, 40, was injured by Israeli military fire as he was trying to transfer a wounded resident to a hospital in Nablus. Al Nada works with the Red Crescent Society.

The Israeli violations also included a strict siege over the occupied territories, installing dozens of checkpoints and barring the residents from crossing.

Invasions, shelling of civilian areas and destruction of civilian properties continues as the soldiers shelled dozens of houses in the Gaza Strip and broke into hundreds of houses in the West Bank.