A general strike was carried out in Bethlehem, Beit Sahour and Beit
Jala, and all surrounding villages in support of government employees
who continued their strike for the fourth day demanding to receive
their salaries which they didn't receive since several month.

Meanwhile, private schools in Bethlehem decided to conduct a one-day strike in support to government schools employees.
Thousands of school students returned home on Tuesday morning as all school remained closed while teachers and employees continued their strike.
Dozens of teachers held a protest in front of the Ministry of Education in Bethlehem, on Tuesday at noon, carried signs and chanted slogans demanding to receive their salaries.

Teachers have not received their salaries since more than six months. A teacher from Beit Sahour told the IMEMC
that the whole amount she and her colleagues received since March is less that a two-month salary.

“We received three payments, in total the three payments are less than two-month salary”, the teacher said, “All governmental school are on strike until further notice”.

She added that the teachers received an official statements from the Teachers Union in Palestine informing them to go on general strike until further notice.

Jamil Shihada, head of the teachers Union, told the IMEMC that the teachers strike is not in support of one party against the other, it is a strike to demand their rights to receive their salaries in order to be able to support themselves and their families.

“The strike will be ongoing, and will not end until the government transfers the salaries and find popper solutions to the current crisis.