A report prepared an published by the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees
revealed 700.000 (25% of the total population) Palestinians were taken
prisoners by Israel in the occupied territories.

According to the report, there are 10100 detainees currently imprisoned in 30 prisoners, detention facilities, and and detention camps.

5000 residents were taken prisoners by the Israeli army since the beginning of the Al Aqsa Intifada,  September 28, 2000.

86% of the detainees who were arrested since 1967 are from the West Bank, 7.4% are from the Gaza Strip and 6.6% were from Jerusalem and Arab residents of Israel. 74.9% of the detainees are not married.

Also, currently there are 41 Palestinians legislators and five ministers of the government imprisoned by Israel. 25  legislators were arrested late June 2006 after resistance fighters abducted an Israeli soldier near Gaza border. Among the detained legislators is the head of the Legislative Council, Dr. Aziz Dweik. 

44.7% of the detainees were prosecuted and sentenced, 45.9% are in interrogations centers, and 9.4% are placed in administrative detention without charges.

Detainees under administrative detention could be imprisoned for three or six months or a year, and Israeli Prison Authorities are allowed to extend the remand each time it ends without giving any reason and without any legal procedures.

There are dozens of detainees who spent years under administrative detention orders, some of them are still imprisoned. 

Israel took more than 500 women prisoners since the beginning of the Intifada, 104 are still imprisoned, four of them are under 18 years old. 

5000 children were taken prisoners since the beginning of the current Intifada, 335 are still imprisoned. 99 child detainees are deprived of the needed medical care and attention, 99% of them were tortured during interrogation. 

There are 183 detainees who died as a result of torture, and medical neglect, some of them were shot and killed directly after they were arrested, the report stated.

The most recent casualty among the detainees is Suleiman Mohammad Darabja who died of medical neglect in Hasharon detention Facility on April 26 2006.