Under-cover forces of the Israeli army assassinated on Wednesday leader
of the Al Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, in Jenin,
in the northern part of the West Bank after ambushing him as he was
leaving his home.

Local sources in Jenin reported that soldiers shot and killed Mojahid Akram Al Sabe', 27, after exchanging fire with him for several minutes.

The body of the fighter was transferred to the Jenin governmental hospital, in the center of the city. Medical sources reported that he suffered several rounds of live ammunition in his head and chest.

After the assassination of the fighter, dozens of fighters of the Islamic Jihad exchanged fire with Israeli soldiers near Yahia Ayyah Junction, in the center of Jenin.

The  under-cover unit evacuated from the city directly after the fighter was killed, while the military troops remained there and clashed with the fighters as the under-cover forces were retreating.  

Seven Palestinians were killed earlier on Wednesday is seperate attacks carried by the army in the Gaza Strip.