Palestinian medical sources in Qabatia town, near Jenin in the northern
part of the West Bank, reported that four Palestinians were killed and
at least fifteen were injured by military fire during clashes that took
place after the Israeli forces invaded the town.

The sources identified the casualties as Rasheed Zakarna, Qabatia's leader of the Al Aqsa Brigades, the armed wing of Fateh, his companion Ashraf Zakarna, 26, Kamel Zakara, 28, and a resident identified as Mohammad Abu Al Rob, 35.

The body of Ashraf Zakarna was taken by the army.

Soldiers backed by at least forty armored military vehicles and jeeps invaded the town and surrounded a house the contained several members of the Al Aqsa Brigades, local sources reported.

The fighters exchanged fire with the invading forces after troops surrounded the house.

The army surrounded the area and evacuated the bodies Rasheed and Ahraf Zakarna who were killed inside the house. The two other residents were killed outside of the targeted house. At least fifteen residents injured, seven were hospitalized after been hit by Israeli military fire.

Also, an Israeli military spokesperson claimed that three members of the Al Aqsa Brigades hurled an explosive charge at a military jeep in Qabatia, no injuries were reported.

The spokesperson added that soldiers are still operating in the town, and that they have taken several residents prisoner.