While continuing construction on the massive concrete Wall and series
of electric fences and trenches in the West Bank and Gaza, Israel is
now announcing the construction of another massive electric fence
project: along the 400 km (248 mile) border with its ally, Egypt.

The Israeli military is calling the Egypt border fence construction 'Operation Hourglass', and say that it is meant to stop drug smuggling and illegal entry into the country.  Wall construction will cost up to 1 million shekels (USD 230,000), and the Israeli army has already started allocating resources to the construction: an operations room has been built and troops from the Golani and Givati divisions have been committed to the project, and a budget has already been approved.

Israel has not told Egypt about its electric fence, and does not plan to, according to Israeli sources.  But Israeli officials don't believe their neighbor will object to the fence.

Israeli officials have said the fence is part of a plan to create "a sterile triangle" between Israel, Egypt and Jordan which will be sealed shut and will serve as an obstacle to anyone who tries to infiltrate it.

No evidence has been found that anyone crossed that border to carry out attacks inside Israel, but Israel is saying that 'anti-terrorism' is one of the main reasons behind the electric fence construction.

The fence construction will begin near Eilat, in southeastern Israel, and the first section, mainly already in place, will run 12 km from Netafim to Gesharon.

The fence will also include security cameras installed along its entire length.